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How to ensure smooth sailing when onboarding your new Tradie employee

Onboarding a new employee is essential because:

1. It makes the best use of time on their first day as you have prepared for their arrival, they won’t sit around waiting.

2. It slowly introduces the employee to the company without having to necessarily be on site straight away.

3. Gives you the opportunity to impart knowledge and it gives the employee an opportunity to ask questions.

Before the new employee arrives make sure that you plan for their first day (or half day) to be in the office and not on site so that you can do a proper induction and health and safety prep. Friday would potentially be a good day for this. You could also set up meet and greet drinks with the team for a Friday afternoon.

Essential office paperwork to request or complete before the employee arrives on day 1:

  1. Signed contract
  2. New employee form
  3. Emergency contact / next of kin details
  4. Tax declaration
  5. KiwiSaver opt in / opt out
  6. Set them up in payroll and explain when they get paid and timesheet deadlines
  7. Set them up in job management tool and give them training on how to use
  8. How to enter timesheets at the end of every job
  9. How to order materials / stock
  10. Order fuel cards
  11. Merchant cards eg Bunnings
  12. Meet the office team and explain who they contact about what.

Essential onboarding in the yard or on site:

  1. They will need to meet key site personnel
  2. Explain about company tools and how to sign them in and out
  3. Company vehicle
  4. Vehicle inspections
  5. Health and safety system / paperwork
  6. How to report near misses, accidents etc
  7. Site induction
  8. Anything else to help them succeed on site the next day

Virtual Coastie can help you with onboarding your new employee from drawing up contracts to requesting information and documents from the employee, setting them up on systems and training on systems.

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