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7 Benefits of Hiring a Tradie VA

Why did you become a Tradie?  We are pretty sure it wasn’t for the love of paperwork!  

As a busy Tradie how many times have you been in the middle of something and phone rings and a client has an urgent job and you’re off to put the fire out?  How often are you putting the admin off until later only to forget about it?

Below is a list of seven benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant that specialised in trade service business.

1 – You can delegate:

Imagine having someone to call or message and offload all those little tasks to.  You've just left a site meeting and you call your VA to set up a new job and schedule the team to do it this afternoon.  You've just won that big job and the client needs your insurance certificate and SSSP today but you're not back at your computer for hours. Delegate and offload all of those little admin tasks that you just never have time to do.

2 – We are flexible:

One of your biggest priorities needs to be keeping the jobs running smoothly which requires you to be on site most of day. Your VA is flexible to meeting your needs, so if this means you need their help at 7pm then we can arrange to be available.

3 – You get time off:

When was the last time you actually took some time off?  Maybe it's a holiday or one of the kids school events?  Having a VA gives you the flexibility to do so.  We build a relationship with your customers, suppliers and team members which means that you don't have to answer your phone all the time.  We can take those calls and filter them to what is urgent or can wait until you return.

4 – Increased Productivity:

With VA you're paying for our expertise and knowledge, we know the tech tools and how to use them to be as efficient as possible.  Our time is 100% productive, therefore you're only paying for what you need, not our coffee breaks or weekend catch up chat at the water cooler. 

5 – It’s cost effective:

We pay our own taxes, KiwiSaver, ACC, office & computer equipment.  In a recent comparison a full-time employee costs around $73,522 per year compared to a VA (for 10 hours per week) would only cost around only $33,800 per year. See below for a clear summary of the costs by the VA Foundry.

Cost Comparison from VANNZ Blog Post 

6 – We have industry knowledge:

Your time is precious, and you don't have time to explain everything in detail.  Your VA knows the construction industry and therefore the terminology and industry standards.

7 – Your time is focused:

As a Tradie business owner you time is better spent on revenue generating activities like talking to your customers, quoting that next big job, networking with your ideal clients or negotiating with your suppliers ensuring you're getting the best pricing to increase your margins. A VA will take the admin and paperwork off your hands so that you can focus on what you do best and get back on site where you are needed.

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