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Master your Fergus Job Management potential: One hour session tailored for you.

Are you paying for Fergus software but not using it to its full potential?

Get the personalised help that you need from a Fergus Expert who has worked with multiple Tradies. Amanda will advise you on how to optimise Fergus for your Tradie business. Book a Fergus Power hour session and let's get started.

Book an hour with Amanda! Fergus Job management Software expert!

Some topics we could go over in the Fergus Power hour session:

  • Review your Fergus set up

  • Pick Amanda's Fergus brain

  • Discuss and fix specific tech issues via shared screen

  • Quoting and favourites

  • Job costing

  • Price books and pricing tiers

  • Ask as many questions as you need to

  • Share your screen and we can set things up and implement changes while we're on the call

And much more, let us know what you are struggling with and let's sort it out!

Let's get Fergus working correctly for you, book a Fergus Power Hour session!

"I can put my focus on quoting the work"

“Amanda has implemented Fergus Job Management into the business and taken over the suppliers, payroll & invoices in a few short weeks. I can now see what jobs are actually costing to complete, and I can put my focus on quoting the work and managing the site works.”

Gary Almond
Almond Contractors

Virtual Caostie Fergus Job Management Software

Fergus Job Management Support

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Let's get Fergus software working for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Ash from Kiwibuilt

Ashley Chisnall

Kiwibuilt Construction

"I don't specialise in paperwork,
I specialise in Building"

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