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Are you a Drainlayer who needs to free up some space in your day?

Are you stuck in the office when you should be out on site? Are you spending all night trying to do payroll and catch up on admin? Well then you have come to the right place. Virtual Coastie supports drainlayers with admin, accounts and social media so that you can get back on site where you are needed.  Get the job management administration support you need today by outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant for Drainlayers.

Are you a drainlayer that is focusing on doing public drainage works for Watercare?

Your Virtual Assistant for drainlayers can support you by preparing the documentation for the connection request including writing the methodology.  Your VA will know that they need to have EPA Plans from the client and after reviewing the plans would confirm with you plan to complete the works including how the wastewater will managed during the connection to the network.

A Virtual Assistant for Drainlayers will also have an understanding the terminology of works being completed and the plant and equipment that is required to complete the works.


Virtual Coastie 101 Tasks to Outsourse to a tradie VA

101 Tasks To Outsource To A Tradie Virtual Assistant

You won't believe the tasks that a Tradie virtual assistant can help you with. Download our free guide and see what you can offload today.

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